What is Your Online Voices all about?

Your Online Voices is a programme that aims to uncover the beliefs, expectations and hopes around data-driven online advertising, through a large-scale online engagement with the public. It is being hosted in French and English and people across Europe are invited to share their thoughts and ideas around online advertising.

It will directly influence the way the digital advertising industry is self-regulated and where the responsibility bar is set.

Watch our campaign video to learn more.

What is a ‘Big Conversation’?

A Big Conversation was an online engagement hosted on a platform, similar to a forum or online virtual room, that has been facilitated by an independent external partner, where people could join anonymously, share ideas and comments, and cast votes for those they like or dislike. The Your Online Voices Big Conversation was intended to be an open, transparent, and psychologically safe place to share your opinions and have your voice heard.

Once closed, the Big Conversation has been analysed by the Clever Together team to gain insight into participants’ hopes, fears, expectations, and ideas for change. The insights are available here.

Who was behind the Your Online Voices Big Conversation?

The Your Online Voices campaign has been led by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) to understand how you want personalised advertising to work.

Why is the EDAA running the Your Online Voice Programme now?

The online advertising landscape is changing and the advertising industry in Europe has a responsibility to respond, so the EDAA is embarking on updating its programme and as it does so, it wants to ensure the changes are fully informed by the people it aims to serve.

Current research tells us that people appreciate relevant advertising but are concerned about how it is served and who they can trust. So, the EDAA is poised to act now and find better ways to self-regulate and meet consumers’ expectations.

Why has the EDAA been using this format?

YourOnlineVoices.eu was an easy-to-use online platform that enabled participants to share their views anonymously so we could understand their lived experiences, expectations and needs which is not possible just with a survey or through a small-scale focus group. This way we could hear from a large number of people and participants could share their ideas and thoughts in their own words as well as discuss them with others.

What will happen as a result of the Your Online Voices campaign?

The EDAA is promising to truly listen to the concerns and needs of people across Europe and share them with all relevant stakeholders to incorporate your voice into the next iteration of Europe’s data-driven advertising self-regulatory programme. So that they can provide more user-friendly information and tools to help people better understand and control their experience of online advertising.

Through the Your Online Voices campaign, the EDAA strives to rebuild consumers’ trust in digital advertising and the industry that stands behind it.

Who could get involved?

The Your Online Voices Big Conversation was for the citizens of Europe to share their lived experience, hopes, fears and ideas for change relating to data-driven advertising.

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